What Is The Difference Between Digital Printing And Offset Printing?

Digital Printing Features
The basic difference between digital printing and offset printing is that the former does not require printing plates. The digital files processes the files directly from the computers to the inkjet or laser digital printers for printing.

Advantages Of Digital Printing

  • This is inexpensive and less time-consuming method for producing the smaller volume of printing jobs.
  • The quality of digital prints are good but varies with the quality of printing machines.
  • Excludes the plate making pre-print expenses unlike offset printing.
  • Corrections and last-minute changes are possible just before or during the progression of printing job. This method offers multiple print variations as well,Guest Posting¬†thanks to the computer advancements.
  • The commercial printing file preparation experience has little relevance and lesser complications in digital printing.

Advantages Of Offset Printing

  • In offset printing, a steady high image quality produced. This technique yields sharp and clear images.
  • The printing plates created quickly and easily, have a longer shelf life. As printing plates never exposed directly to the printing surfaces.
  • Properly developed plates produce the million impressions by optimized inks and fountain solutions.
  • Offset printing is the cheapest method for producing high-quality prints in larger quantities.

Comparison Of Various Aspects Between Digital Printing And Offset Printing

  • Quantity- Offset printing has an advantage when quantities are more. The costing goes down with the increase in volume in offset printing. Digital printing is more practical when quantities are less.
  • Color – Digital printers use four-color process printing; it is good if the requirement is of four-color printing. Digital printing lowers costs of the 4-color printing in lesser volumes. Offset printing is more cost-effective if you need either black ink only or, just one or two ink colors. The latter gives better color matching options.

Unlike offset printing, color separations and plate making not needed in digital printing. However, color calibration and using printed color guides are mandatory for obtaining excellent results in color digital printing.

  • Printing Medium- Offset printing offers more flexibility with printing possibility on special paper, finish or unusual printing surface, or on any other material with uncommon size.
  • Delivery- Digital printing extends faster delivery than offset printing, which has its own time-taking pre-press and printing system to follow.
  • Proofing- Digital printing offers more accurate proofing at a lower cost. Whereas, in offset, proofing cost becomes huge.
  • Customization- The customization of marketing promotional printing in digital printing is easier and done easily at a lower cost.

Advantages of digital printing over offset printing are many, however offset printing is here to stay till the day digital printing machines and material become more affordable. dtg t shirt printing

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