When to Call For Emergency AC Services

In the summer heat, cooling issues can quickly become emergencies that need to be addressed immediately. Some issues are more serious than others, but knowing when to call for Emergency ac services can help homeowners avoid discomfort and potential damage to their home’s materials and structures. A variety of situations can qualify as an AC emergency, from a complete system breakdown to refrigerant leaks. Fortunately, many cooling problems can be resolved with the assistance of expert HVAC technicians.

If your air conditioning equipment is making squealing or screeching sounds when switched on, this is not considered normal and should be handled as an emergency AC service issue. These sounds could indicate a loose fan belt or a compressor functioning at high-pressure levels, both of which are potentially dangerous.

An AC system that is producing a strong, sulfurous or skunk-like odor should also be treated as an emergency issue. This odor is most likely caused by natural gas leaking from the air conditioner’s ductwork and can be deadly. If you notice this odor, turn off your air conditioning system and evacuate your home immediately.

Other issues that should be treated as an emergency include any signs of water around your home’s window units, or a sticky feeling in the air. If your air conditioning unit is unable to pull the humidity out of your home, this can lead to a wide range of problems including mold, mildew and other health risks. These issues can also cause a great deal of water damage and can be costly to repair.

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