YouTube Secret Weapon Review

Today, I see a lot of Internet marketers promoting Traffic Geyser as a Video Marketing Secret Weapon. I do agree it is a fantastic tool for mass distribution of your videos and for positioning higher on Google search engine. However, even today, most of the video marketing traffic still comes from YouTube. YouTube is literally a gold mine and can deliver phenomenal results if your videos are positioned and branded correctly.

Lets look at some of YouTube statistics
– #3 Largest Site on the Internet
– #1 Largest video site on the web
– 100 Million Visitors per Month
– 5 Billion Video Streams Every month – 40% of all videos online (Do the Math – 5 Billion / 300 million worldwide visitors = 17 streams a month per person)
– 15 Hours of video uploaded every minute

Aren’t these statistics phenomenal? Don’t you think it pays to brand yourself as a leader on YouTube to generate traffic to your website and make money? Absolutely.

I came to know about YouTube Secret weapon through a tweet on Twitter and thought it was worth checking out considering the traffic generation potential of YouTube.

In this course, Julie Perry along with Paul Colligan discuss the effective traffic strategies for your videos on YouTube. Julie Perry was a writer and host of Boater TV and was able to generate more than 500000 views for her video episodes on YouTube alone with her techniques, stealth tactics and traffic strategies. By the way, this course only talks about traffic strategies that you can use without spending a DIME(not pay per click)

I believed myself to be a savvy YouTube user and thought would learn a trick or two from this course. But, I was humbled and YouTube Secret Weapon gave me a new perspective about marketing my online business on YouTube. You will be exposed to marketing strategies and techniques that you may not have heard before like

– How to utilize Emails and Activity Feeds effectively
– How to implement YouTube Algorithm for competing with top ranked videos
– How to use YouTube Insight to tweak and rank your videos high
– How to use Frozen view counts
– YouTube advanced playlist tips.
– Best day and time of the day to upload your videos for maximum exposure

And lot more. Also, You can get access to the tips and stealth techniques ( being regularly updated in her blog and are synchronized with the YouTube channel changes by Google) that Julie Perry has been using to dominate YouTube. This becomes especially critical with the channel designs being changed currently by YouTube/Google.

Remember, YouTube is much more than video hosting. It is about search engine optimization, lead generation and list building and should be an essential element of your Online Social marketing strategy.
I truly believe that YouTube Secret Weapon is worth your money and would catapult you ahead in your online marketing business. What are you waiting for?. Grab your copy now and get exposed to secrets of YouTube traffic generation. buy youtube favorites

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