Fire Pumps For Sale

When it comes to the fire safety of buildings, offices and other spaces, ensuring that the right systems are in place is key. Fire suppression systems, for example, provide the pressurized water needed to extinguish flames and protect people from injury. One crucial component of these water-based systems is the fire pump.

Designed to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of an available water source to allow sprinklers to operate in a system, fire pumps are found in many large high-rise structures and expansive warehouses. They work by drawing water from the ground or other reservoir through a network of pipes and then increasing its pressure to feed the sprinklers throughout the building or space.

These pumps are typically powered by electricity or combustible fuel and come in both portable and stationary models. They are often built to last and feature a range of safety features such as emergency shut off buttons, overheat detectors, and pressure gauges.

Designed to meet the needs of wildland firefighters, these portable fire pumps for sale offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio that allows them to easily transport water from sources with depths up to 4 feet. They also feature a combination nozzle for switching between a straight stream and a cone spray. They are built to withstand high pressures and are easy to maintain with quick release pump clamps and interchangeable pumps. They are the preferred firefighting pump of initial attack crews and forestry agencies worldwide.

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