Whether you are looking for an impressive Agayof or just a beautiful silver set for your Shabbat table, a kiddush fountain makes a perfect choice. An ornate traditional piece or a modern design, these beautiful items will delight your guests and make for a lasting impression.

A kiddush fountain combines a tray for the cups that functions as a baseplate, with a stand that contains cunningly hidden pipes. When you pour wine into the upright vessel at the top, it flows evenly down through the tubes and fills each of the small cups in a neat and tidy fashion. This allows you to serve several people at once and is a lot of fun!

This hammered nickel fountain set is made by Judaica artist Yair Emanuel in Israel. It includes a large goblet and eight smaller cups. It also has “stoppers” so you can block the flow if needed. It is a lovely centerpiece for any Jewish meal and would be an excellent gift for Shabbat, the holidays or a wedding.

Although our ancestors used wine for Kiddush, nowadays many people use grape juice or another non-alcoholic beverage as a substitute for wine. However, it is still customary to recite Kiddush over wine and to keep a special bottle of wine at home for Kiddush on Friday evening. kiddush fountain

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