MERV 13 16x25x1 Air Filter

If you want the highest filtration level possible, you should invest in a MERV 13 furnace or air filter. This type of filter is hospital grade and will give your HVAC unit the utmost performance. Its design helps remove very fine particles from the air, including bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

MERV 13 filters are great for homes and businesses because they reduce the airborne particles that cause sinus irritation and allergies. They also help extend the life of HVAC systems. These filters are designed with fourteen pleats per linear foot, which creates more surface area for catching airborne particles. Moreover, they reduce airflow drag, which helps them protect your home from a variety of pollutants.

16x25x1 air filter merv 13 use synthetic media that is comparable to the MPR 1500/1900 and FPR 10. This filter is highly efficient and effective, capturing 98% of airborne particles. In addition to this, these filters feature high-quality construction, including electrostatically charged pleated media and reinforced wire backing. These filters are available in a variety of standard face sizes. Moreover, they are durable and will last for up to three months.

This AC filter is 16x25x1 and MERV 13-certified. It is comparable to the 3M Filtrete MPR 1500 to 1900 Ultimate Allergen Defense and Honeywell Allergen Elite FPR 10. Moreover, it is made in the USA.

Compared to pleated air filters, MERV 13 filters provide exceptional particle filtration and eco-friendly design. They are manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials and are moisture-resistant. In addition, they are easy to install. They will not warp, rack, or bend under normal operating conditions.

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