The Benefits of Hiring a Trailer Washing Service

Hiring a Trailer Washing Service is an excellent way to keep your truck looking clean and pristine. These services have the necessary equipment to wash five to eight trailers per hour. Their custom-bodied trucks are outfitted with all the necessary equipment, including pressure wands, brushes, and tanks for cleaning chemicals. They also carry water recovery apparatus to make sure that no contaminated water leaks out.

In addition to keeping the trailer clean, trailer washouts can also help truck drivers meet strict regulations regarding the cleanliness of their rigs. Food truck drivers are required to have their trailers cleaned after every haul. Dale’s Transport & Wash’s trailer washouts satisfy the sanitation requirements for refrigerated haulers. The facility is fully equipped to handle livestock and food hauling.

FLEETWASH has over 50 permits and licenses from local, state, and federal agencies. The company also uses biodegradable cleaning agents and degreasers. The service is completely eco-friendly and holds $2 million pollution insurance. It is the largest on-site truck washing service in the country and saves truck owners fuel, employee time, and pollution liability. Field agents scrub, pressure-rinse, and disinfect the entire truck, including the interior.

Extreme Clean Mobile Truck Washing offers reefer trailer washout services as well as dry van washout services. Reefer trailers must maintain a constant temperature during transport, so they must be thoroughly cleaned between loads. Additionally, reefer trailers should be regularly cleaned so that the cooling equipment remains optimal. Dry vans, on the other hand, usually haul non-perishable goods. Extreme Clean Mobile Truck Washing provides a comprehensive trailer washout service that meets EPA standards.

RV owners may also have built-in awnings on their recreational vehicles. Cleaning an RV is a challenging task, and requires training and tools to do it properly. Proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial for the safety of an RV and prevents the risk of damaging them. A professional RV cleaning service can make the job easy and stress-free, and their services are affordable.

RV bathrooms are another area that needs to be cleaned regularly. The interior of an RV bathroom can harbor bacteria, mold, and germs. Steam cleaning can remove these and disinfect the interior of the RV. In addition, windows and doors should also be cleaned, disinfected, and conditioned. The last thing you want is to have mold growing on the inside of your RV. The professionals at a trailer washing service will ensure that your RV is free of bacteria and fungus.

Self-service RV washing stations can be found at many campgrounds. You can look for these on Google or GPS and see if they can accommodate an RV. Some even have group discounts for groups of RVers.

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