A mid face lift is designed to rejuvenate the cheeks and lower eyelids by repositioning sagging facial soft tissue to its younger, more attractive position. It is often performed independently as the first sign of aging in the cheek and lower eyelid area develops, or as part of a more comprehensive facelift treatment plan that addresses jowls and other signs of aging around the neck and jawline.

Candidates for mid face lift are healthy adults who desire a more youthful appearance and a natural-looking result. It is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon who has specialized training and significant experience performing this type of surgery.

Patients may be hesitant to undergo mid face lift due to concerns about the surgical process and recovery. However, these fears are typically unfounded. In fact, the procedure is relatively easy and fast. The first step involves administering general anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety. Next, Dr. Dutton will make small, but deep incisions throughout the muscle tissue and adjust the fat and muscles. Finally, he will pull up the middle of the face and eliminate the wrinkles and creases that have developed.

The results of mid face lift are very natural-looking and are characterized by a balanced, rejuvenated appearance with reduced puffiness under the eyes and less noticeable dark circles. In addition, a higher percentage of patients reported that friends and family members also noticed the results. Mid-Face Lift in Turkey

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