What to Look For in a Gaming PC Case

A gaming pc case is the visible part of your computer that protects and shields all of the internal components. These include the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, cooling fans and expansion cards. The case itself is a major design element and can influence the overall look of your build. The more you spend on the case, the swankier it’s likely to be, with materials like aluminum and tempered glass becoming commonplace in high-end cases.

If you want to keep the look of your build clean, consider a case with built-in cable management. This features help you hide unsightly cables by routing them behind the motherboard tray and into hidden slots on the back of the case. It can make for a much cleaner looking setup and can save you the time of having to neaten your interior cabling later on.

For those who love to customise their PC, check the case’s support for RGB lighting. While it’s not for everyone, lighting effects can add a nice visual touch to your build and you can often control them with a dedicated app.

Some cases also feature front-panel I/O ports, making them easier to access when you need to plug and play with external devices. If you use a portable hard drive or a smartphone as your main gaming device, then having these ports easily available can be very useful. Another handy feature is a dust filter situated on the main air intake, which helps to minimise the amount of dust pulled into your components by the case’s fans. gaming pc case

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