Vintage Persian Rugs – A Perfect Blend of Beauty, Quality and Style

We are pleased to offer a selection of rare vintage Persian rugs that are a perfect blend of beauty, quality and style. These fine pieces were woven from 140 to over 200 years ago at the height of what I refer to as the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving. The rug designs of this period are prized for their fluid, subtly varied yet exotic use of nuanced color and flawless proportions. Ancient geometric principles that dictate form, proportion and the angles of spiraling curves are followed precisely without seeming stiff, rigid or uninspired.

These rugs are treasured for their ability to transport the onlooker to an exotic, distant land and time with their rich cultural history, timeless design and breathtaking artfulness. Antique Persian rugs are considered one of the highest forms of textile art and are prized by designers, taste makers and collectors worldwide.

Whether it is a traditional or modern design, an antique persian rug will add a beautiful and unique touch to any space. With mellow color tones, classic patterns and designs and wonderful patina these rugs will continue to grow in value as time passes. These antique rugs are also highly sought after for their durability, great craftsmanship and beauty.

The earliest antique Persian rugs display an unfathomable range of weaving styles and influences from semi-nomadic tribes, imperial weaving traditions of the Safavid and Mughal empires and more. Weavers of any particular city or culture would combine these elements to create carpets with limitless permutations. This diversity in weaving and color is what gives each rug its own personality.

Until recently, antique rugs were used primarily for floor coverings by nomadic people and later by the wealthy elite in palaces and homes. The weaving of these exquisite carpets required tremendous skill and effort. It was not uncommon for a single rug to take months or even years to complete. This is why many of the finest examples of antique rugs are so special and rare.

As western influence expanded across the Middle East throughout the 20th century, primary cultures began to lose their self defining attributes as weavers adopted new trends and methods of designing and making carpets. Sadly, the traditional techniques were not always passed on to new generations and these fine works of art faded from popularity and relevance.

It is important to note that antique Persian rugs that were woven before 1920’s have been and remain the most desirable of all rug types, especially the best antique Persian rugs with the highest quality. As a result, the older Persian rugs are currently undergoing a revival of interest and demand. The earliest examples have been selling for what was once considered unfathomable amounts. As the supply of these masterpieces decreases, their values and interest will continue to increase. This is why it is critical to purchase a rug from a reputable dealer who understands and appreciates the true beauty of these extraordinary antique carpets.

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